Things Grinding Gear Games Need to Work on for Path of Exile

We should know by now that Grinding Gear Games like to add more and more to their little baby Path of Exile. They want to see it grow and grow into a big boy game that can stomp all the other little boy games out there, but that doesn't come without some costs and challenges. If anything, the hardships seem to have piled on top of each other over the years, and many have complained that the developer hasn't been listening that well to feedback on these faults.

If there's anything that can make a developer look bad, it's not fixing problems that have made themselves known. However, the process does take time as fixing such problems do require some planning ahead and understanding their roots. Needless to say, while the players are complaining now, you wouldn't want them to have even more reason to complain after you do something that's supposed to fix something. Such is the nature of developing a game, as it's almost always a team effort.

Performance and networking issues are the main points of contention when it comes to Path of Exile's continued sustainability. While the game has indeed done good over the past few years since its official release, its continued technical problems have seen a good number of players stop playing it due to things ranging from minor annoyances to full-on slowdowns and stutters that have rendered hardcore characters dead (mostly due to carelessness, but the slideshows don't help either). Even with the loading times, that's some valuable time spent on waiting for areas to load.

There are even outright crashes during loading screens that can be disheartening for players. While it's true that it doesn't happen to everyone, it's still a concern since there shouldn't be crashes at all anyway. A major disadvantage of a game that continually gets new stuff in it is that it keeps changing and bulking up, thus adding new potential problems into the mix. The more moving parts there are, the more things can go wrong. At the very least, Grinding Gear Games has put out that they're aware of this problem and are actively trying to fix it.

Aside from that, there are some minor gripes like for the user interface and other features like PoE items. Some still find that there could be improvements done for the game's user experience, but it seems like Grinding Gear Games is not focusing on that. You can do whatever you need to in order to trade Path of Exile items or even just moving them around and storing them, but there could be easier ways to do it if only Grinding Gear Games didn't just ignore that issue and will allow some third party programs to alleviate the hardship. But of course, the latter won't happen due to liability of cheaters abusing such leniency.

Path of Exile fans who want to stay with the game can only hope that Grinding Gear Games will get to these problems somehow someday. Perhaps with a bit more prodding, moaning, and begging in the official forums can coax them out of their stupor, but players will just have to make do for now.

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