Top Rated Melee Skills in Path of Exile

There is nothing more satisfying than getting close to an enemy and landing a massive blow right in their face in MMORPG's. Path of Exile is no exception to that. The game is pretty balanced, regardless of your equipment, but picking the most suitable skills is critical.

Melee characters, like the Marauder, do not focus on damage dealing potential alone. They need a sizeable defense in order to withstand hits as they approach the target. Your offensive prowess is useless if your character is always near-death upon approaching the enemy.

Character building and Active Skill Gems also play an important role. And just like any MMORPG, you can't rely on the same set of skills throughout the game. You have to consider area of effect or AoE, and attributes attached to each that would best suit or be more beneficial in your situation.

Cleave is still the bread and butter of Melee characters. Even after being tweaked or nerfed as some players want to call it in Patch 0.7, its still useful. Cyclone is a popular choice, sans the sync issues that it causes when players execute the skill.

As i've mentioned earlier, Skill Gems come in to play in regard to Melee skills. Rupture coupled with Melee Splash and Knockback is a killer. Dominating Blow with Added Damage and Increased Duration is a popular combo as well. In terms of Skill combos, some seem to be meant for one another. For farming, Reave and Multistrike can clear mobs for you in seconds which should help the run go quicker. Again: situation, build and gems should all be kept in mind to maximize the potential of your own skill and skill combos. The game is balanced enough not to give you any leeway in sticking with one melee skill for everything. Effectiveness is always determined by the factors mentioned above. Master these factors, then melee characters should be your most potent and deadly force in the game.

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