Using Support Gems to Raise Your PoE Survival Potential

Path of Exile was designed in a way that players must take everything in to account. Exiles cannot focus with their level or Path of exile items alone. They must train the gems attached to their equipment to enhance and maximize the gem's affect as well as be mindful of their flasks at all times. Let's discuss each in detail below.

Support gems are meant to augment skills. They may be damage amplifiers, additional elemental damage or other effects such as widening the area of effect. It is crucial that the gem compliments the skill where it is attached. A skill that deals no damage would not benefit from a support gem that adds fire elemental damage for example. Gems gain experience as you grind and farm. Good thing though that gems do not lose experience in case your Exile gets slaughtered.

Quality also affects gems. Quality can be raised using the Gem Cutter's Prism and should be done on a regular basis to ensure that your Exile is at par with its current area and environment. As a rule of thumb, the higher the quality of a gem, the higher bonus it gets. A Flicker Strike gem with 14% quality would be more powerful compared to a gem with 8% quality. Keep an eye out for gems with quality % already in them; they should make your life in Path of Exile easier.

Talking about flasks, we are all accustomed to disposable potions right? Not with Path of Exile. Flasks have what we call charges, and this determines how many times we can use the flask while out on the battlefield. Depleting the charges does not destroy the flask, you can recharge them by heading to town.

Flasks are critical to your Exile's survival, as they can heal, restore mana, and temporarily raise armor and many other things. Using them unnecessarily is not only wise, but may cost your Exile its untimely demise. Determining the right moment when to use flasks should come naturally as you play the game.

These tips should help raise your Exile's survival and damage dealing potential. Happy grinding!

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