What is the Best Unique Item in Path of Exile?

There's a bit of a debate on which Path of Exile item seem to be the best. While it may not be that clean cut and dry in that there's one superior item among the rest, it can be said that a majority of players would have a consensus favorite of sorts. However, even that's hard to pinpoint as different players approach the game differently, especially since Path of Exile is designed around having multiple approaches to begin with.

Of course, the awesomeness of a unique item depends on how it's used in a particular build. Perhaps there are some that get used in a lot more builds than others and those can then be seen as "the best Path of Exile items", but even that's kind of stretching it. For an item to be unanimously declared as the very best in the game, it'll have to be usable for all character classes and applicable in a great number of builds, bringing both versatility and effectiveness to the table.

With that in mind, that leaves weapons out as something like that can only be filled in by armor or other item type that can be worn by any class. In that regard, Tabula Rasa may just be the best, but that's just because it always comes with six-linked white sockets. It doesn't have modifiers and defensive stats on its own, so it may not be ideal for a lot of builds that require a significant amount of armour, but it makes up for that by being the best testing platform for determining what gems are best for a build. Mind you, it may not be good for Hardcore League due to its lack of defense.

There are some that are opposite of that, giving a ton of defense that can help just about any character gain survivability. The Aegis Aurora is a good example as it has stack armour, cap block, resistances, and ~1000 energy shield that turns you into a tank. There's also Shavronne, which many tout to be fairly overpowered due to what it provides on both offensive and defensive fronts.

Then there could be an item that just can't be beat as "the best" in the game due to what it does. It's not a piece of equipment, but the Mirror of Kalandra is undoubtedly incredibly good because it pretty much duplicates items in a way. Granted that the mirrored copies can't be modified, but that's still quite handy. Mentioning that may be seen by some as cheating, but the point is the best Path of Exile item doesn't have to be equipment, but also a flask or some other trinket with a very useful property.

There's a whole host of PoE items that players tout to be their favorite, and that's pretty much the point of this whole debate. Everyone has an opinion on what is the best item in Path of Exile, derived from their own playing experiences and personal preferences. It may even say quite a bit about how they are as players as those preferences in certain items can shine a light at how they tackle problems in the game.

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