What to Expect in Path of Exile 2.0.0h Patch Update

After all the new stuff being thrown into Path of Exile has now been settled, we go back to the usual business of having little problems and annoyances fixed in this latest patch update. While you enjoy the new Awakening expansion and the Emberwake racing season, here is the Path of Exile 2.0.0h patch update.

The new patch has some improvements and bug fixes that should be of interest to you. For instance, the Path of Exile client has now been adjusted to use less bandwidth than before, which should resolve some network connectivity issues and lessen stuttering in Lockstep mode, thus preventing disconnections.

There's also a user interface fix where you see the item level in the item highlighting tooltips from the personal stash or the guild stash if you used the ilvl:x or itemlevel:x commands. This is for those who are trying to find maps in their stash by looking at the area level, which used to be mixed with the item level, which made things a bit confusing.

There were also bugs wherein cancelling a PvP queue can sometimes prevent you from joining one in the future, Strongboxes would retain their mods after being scoured, and Rampage would not work correctly, which are now all fixed. There was also something about The Dungeon of Anarchy in the Descent: Champions race missing its chest, which has now been added back in with level 8 support gems and a life flask.

The Fracturing Nemesis Mod does not affect hidden monsters anymore since that can cause too many ambushes, which can be quite annoying. This is also preparing the game for the new 2.0.1 patch, which may come a bit after a week from now. Even though that should be a big patch as well, this patch already does a lot of things that most would think is a more major update.

Aside from the bug fixes, there are also some new microtransactions, just in case you are into the cosmetic stuff. As always with Path of Exile, these are "ethical microtransactions" that only contain special cosmetic Path of Exile items for sale. These PoE items are completely optional, best if you are a hardcore player who would like to make your character look a bit more unique than the rest.

We now have the Ghostflame Flame Totem for 95 points and the Ghostflame Swarm Pet for 55 points, both with the Ghostflame theme that will surely make your character look more awesome. You can purchase points in the official Path of Exile website, as well as browse the other microtransaction items if you wish.

As players continue to enjoy whatever there is to be had in Path of Exile with the new expansion and racing season underway, Grinding Gear Games is continuing to put in more value into a free-to-play action role-playing game that has done well for itself, better than most other counterparts in the genre over the years.

If you are a casual on-and-off player who is still a bit skeptical about it, then give it a good try and see for yourself. Maybe Grinding Gear Games can actually convince you.

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