What to Expect in Path of Exile

The thing about most MMORPGs is that when it comes to character building, there will be a time when effective builds get figured out and all serious players will start coming up with characters that abide by a specific build that differs little from that of other players. They end up being like cookie cutter characters that play the same exact way, and that stops being fun after a while. What Grinding Gear Games had tried to do is to give character building more choice and flexibility in Path of Exile.

You have various character classes to choose from, each with their own strengths, weaknesses, and stat focus. Three of them have singular primary stats, while the other three have pairs. All of them can be equally strong, but it all depends on the players' style and tactics, as well as whatever PoE items and equipment are used for them. Aside from the usual combat, you have active and passive skills to comprehend before you proceed. Active skills are provided by gems, while the passive skills hold your character up through the skill tree. The combination that you come up with is what determines the strength and effectiveness of your character.

You have to consider the strengths you should focus on with your character in order to address all the different types of enemies you'll be going up against in Path of Exile. The variety of enemies you go up agisnt in the game include things like sea creatures, the shambling undead, crazy monkeys, rock monsters, and many more. So far, you have three Acts to go through, each with its own setting and environment. You also have normal, cruel, and merciless difficulties to go through, which is good if you like to push your boundaries with your character. When it comes to challenge in MMORPGs, Path of Exile provides it in spades.

As for the Path of Exile items that comes along with character building, acquiring it is not as straightforward as with other games, where you get as much gold as you can and buy what you want. In Path of Exile, there is no such thing as gold, but you do have currency items by the way of orbs. The currency in this game is not just for trading, but they themselves are useful for crafting and upgrading your items. This kind of economy is a bit harder to understand, but it's all about knowing which orb is the most in-demand.

To think that the game is only at open beta stage right now, there is much potential for this game for the future. Right now, Act III ends abruptly, the PvP is still rather underdeveloped, and there are still some minor foibles from time to time. However, the game does seem quite complete with its gameplay system, and it shows just how much work Grinding Gear Games have put into it in a relatively short period of time. There is still more to come though, so things aren't getting boring anytime soon.

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