Which Path of Exile Gems are Worth Picking Up

One of the little things in Path of Exile that make for an interesting and engaging gameplay experience is the use of gems, which are central to the building of powerful characters in the game. Instead of active skills being restricted to the chosen character class, any character can get a gem and use its corresponding active skill if they really want to, and they can then make it better by inserting it into a socketed Path of Exile item and leveling it up as they play.

While that is all well and good, not all gems are equally good since some may be more useful for your character than others. There are also those that are just more highly valued in the game, which can help a player become richer. This is why you should know which ones to look out for and pick up so that you don't waste your time with the less valuable ones and not be confused by how many of them there are.

Here are a few things to remember when it comes to gems in Path of Exile.

Higher Value Gems

The most consistently valuable gems in the game can prove useful and even net you some sweet profit. There are 7 gems most commonly associated with this category, due to either being drop-only, a quest reward, or just way too useful to pass up. If you ever come upon one of these, you should do whatever you can to pick it up.

Portal and Chain are drop-only gems that provide good utility. They're not super rare and their use can be a bit limited, but they can be treated as luxury items that can still sell for good value. Portal is worth 1-3 Chaos Orbs, while Chain usually goes for 1 Chaos Orb.

Cast When Damage Taken and Multistrike are incredibly useful and are crucial to many builds in the game, but they are also quest rewards that owe to their rarity. This combination makes them fairly expensive, with Cast When Damage Taken being worth 4-6 Chaos Orbs and Multistrike worth 3 Chaos Orbs.

Cast When Stunned is also a useful one, being worth 2 Chaos Orbs, while Enhance is worth 8 Chaos Orbs. If ever you find Empower, then get ready to break the bank as it is worth 10-20 Chaos Orbs, making it incredibly valuable.

Other Gems

There are also many others that you must look out for, including Auras that are also a big part of many character builds in the game, making them worth 1 Fusing Orb or even 1 Chaos Orb each. Curses are also pretty good for certain builds, and they are worth 1 Orb of Alchemy, but only if there's a generous buyer, so you might as well sell them right away for less if you don't really need them.

Most attack gems like Dual Strike, Cleave, Heavy Strike, Raise Skeletons, and so on are very common, so it will be hard to find buyers for them. On the other hand, support gems are very important in the game, which is why you should pick them up whenever you can. Use what you can and sell the rest if you can. The most important ones are Reduced Mana, Blood Magic, Faster Attacks, and Melee Splash.

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