Why Path of Exile is Still Being Played in 2016

There are some people out there who actually wonder about the popularity of Path of Exile. It's not the biggest and brightest game out there, but it surely has a consistent player base that somehow keeps gravitating to it. This doubt on why people find it fun is actually not unfounded as there are a few concerns about the game many would find as worth scrutinizing and can even confirm some suspicions.

Most of the people who are casting this doubt are former and hardcore-turned-casual players of the game. They most likely got out of the game due to apparent problems with its development and support. While Path of Exile is indeed one of the most consistently developer-supported games out there, some people still feel that the support and development for Path of Exile has been lazy and lax for the most part. That seems rather harsh, but it's worth looking into.

The game first came out at around 2011, and it's now five years since then. Despite all the content updates and other additions, many people are yearning for a major graphics overhaul as the game does look rather dated now. While it's true that this game (or the ARPG genre, for that matter) isn't really played for its looks, updating the visuals wouldn't go amiss. However, it's not just the looks that got people pulling on their hairs as of late.

There are problems regarding the socializing and trading aspects of the game. Suffice to say, they're not easy at all in the game. Trading Path of Exile items may not be a complete hardship, but it's not a joy either. Despite all of those concerns, there's no denying how those who like the game are sticking to it, flaws and all. The foundations upon which the game stands are pretty solid, showing that it's not all about looks and cool features, but also the efficacy of the core gameplay system. But still, some more action in addressing said issues wouldn't hurt at all.

Many would say that there are no grounds for criticizing a free-to-play game, especially one as decked out as this one. However, with its microtransactions (even though "ethical"), POE items, and fairly large player base, there really is a reason to critique the game to some degree. There are people who are putting a significant part of their time into playing the game, so at least their demands should somehow be taken seriously. It's not like they're shouting for totally unreasonable things, at least when most of the fans are concerned.

In fact, it's this critique that shows how people do care about Path of Exile, making it definitely warranted. There are still a lot of people who play the game in 2016, so here's to hoping that Grinding Gear Games does heed the fans' pleas. They did acknowledge the concerns and it takes time to implement changes in such an intricate game, so perhaps we may see some of those issues addressed sometime, although it may still take quite a while.

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