PoE Unique Items with Alternate Artwork!

Greetings to all avid Path of Exile players, we have some good news for you!

We need help and you stand a chance to earn something by doing your part. If you have any Path of Exile items featuring alternate artwork, most likely obtained from race rewards, then we would like to hear from you. We are willing to pay well for whatever you have.

For those who are interested, but are not yet deep into the whole racing thing, then you may be interested in how to obtain those items that we want by joining races. You need to get ranked in a race by getting as many reward points as you can. The most straightforward way is to have the highest level character by the end of the race. You can also earn more reward points by being the first to achieve milestones like completing certain quests, reaching level goals, and clearing certain areas of monsters.

For those who have items with alternate artwork that may no longer be needed, please send us an email through buy@vritems.com, detailing all the items you are willing to part with. After discussing the needed arrangements, we can then facilitate a hassle-free transaction and you can then get paid for your help.

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